Venue Info

Welcome to the Wildwood Hotel venue info page. If you’re reading this, it hopefully means you’re planning a visit to our small town to grace our humble stage.

Your sound engineer will be Eric Lucas, feel free to send him an email @ if you have any questions that aren’t answered here.

We’ve recently teamed up with non-profit Great Northwest Productions to create a series of simple live music videos showcasing some of the amazing talent that comes through, in various locations around town. Assuming we’re able to do it while you’re here, you’ll receive an email from Dina Sayers inquiring about your interest and availability. If you can get in to town a little early, or stick around the following day, the sessions usually take less than an hour. Check out the Playlist on Youtube.

The usual stuff you’re looking for…


The venue is a restaurant and hotel, so you’ll be able to load in any time after 8AM. Most of our performers spend the night, and load out the next day. Yes, this is awesome.


We generally try to soundcheck about an hour before the show start time. A little earlier if there are multiple bands. If you’d like to do it earlier, let us know. We prefer to sound check, but often line check on the go. It’s up to you!


It’s a small room and a small stage, so plan accordingly if applicable. We are fully equipped to handle large and small groups. We have plenty of DI’s, mics and stands. Of particular note:

– We have an Ear Trumpet Labs ‘Myrtle’ stage condenser mic often used for acoustic sets.
– We use the Behringer XR-18, and mix from the iPad.
– We can supply up to 3 independent stage monitors.

* note: if it’s summer and nice weather, we may do the show outdoors, but everything else still applies.